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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Clarity Laser Vision

Your sight. It’s a significant part of how you sense the world around you. The ability to read, drive, and see your loved ones—it’s all because of your vision. At Clarity Laser Vision, we are deeply committed to helping you see clearly by using only the most advanced, proven techniques for vision correction.

We understand that vision is not a commodity. That’s why Clarity Laser Vision treats vision correction with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our laser eye surgery protocols adhere to the highest safety and precision standards so you can see clearly without glasses or contacts.

No two eyes are the same. That’s why we employ sophisticated diagnostic algorithms to ensure we customize your laser vision treatment. This results in maximizing clarity of your vision.

Our Philosophy

The most important philosophy that Clarity Laser Vision believes in is that when it comes to your vision, there should be no compromise.

We’re highly committed to giving outstanding service to our patients; it’s eye care with a human touch. We build relationships with our patients; we communicate with them to make sure they’re equal participants in their procedure. For all of these reasons, Clarity Laser Vision is proud to be considered a premier laser eye surgery centre in Calgary.

Founded and directed by Dr. Al-Ghoul, Clarity Laser Vision delivers superior results and stellar care for its patients’ time and time again.

Superior Precision Technology

Choosing Clarity Laser Vision will give you the opportunity to work with one of the prominent surgeons in the field of Ophthalmology. Dr. Al-Ghoul has performed thousands of eye surgeries throughout his storied career, and has more than a decade’s experience operating the most advanced equipment and tools for laser eye surgery. His expertise in laser eye surgery technology has allowed him to acquire only the most precise, and clinically proven medical machinery currently in use. He also has extensive experience with treating abnormal corneas, intraocular surgery, and cataract surgery as part of his corneal and anterior segment practice.

Stringent Safety Standards

Dr. Al-Ghoul prides himself on striving to ensure patients are informed about every single choice they make. Communication is key; every single patient will have the chance to consult directly with Dr. Al-Ghoul, who gladly takes the time to talk to the patient about benefits, risks, alternative options, and any other questions about their procedure.

Clarity Laser Vision’s facility is fully accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta because its surgical facilities, technology, and staff meet unbelievably high clinical and safety standards.

Laser Eye Surgery Aftercare

Patient care is a holistic experience at Clarity Laser Vision: from the moment the patient steps through the front door until the moment they recover from their laser eye surgery, the Clarity team will be there for them.

To make sure that every single patient is comfortable after their procedure, Dr. Al-Ghoul provides them with a dedicated phone line for any questions or concerns; Dr. Al-Ghoul considers himself responsible for every single patient and wants to make sure he and his team are directly accessible at all times during the recovery of his patients.

Clarity Laser Vision prioritizes high-quality continuity of care. After your laser eye surgery, you will begin a regular regimen of post-op visits to make sure you and your eyes are healing excellently. Clarity Laser Vision offers a lifetime commitment for its laser eye surgery; if at any point your vision doesn’t become completely clear, a complimentary touch-up laser eye surgery is provided at no charge provided you meet the safety and treatment parameter standards.

Best Outcomes and Results

Dr. Al-Ghoul has a motto that he tries to instill in every aspect of his practice: “Measure twice, cut once.” Every single choice is done with your best interests in mind: each patient will go through a thorough, data-driven analysis involving diagnostic tests and treatment algorithms to determine the best course of treatment for the best optimal outcomes and results.

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