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where does the laser eye surgery take place

Where Does the Laser Eye Surgery Take Place?

January 31, 2017

Although there are many centres that offer laser treatment in Calgary, they will all typically have a similar setup in terms of how the laser room will look like. The room will typically resemble an operating theatre, house large pieces of medical equipment, and hopefully will have friendly and expert staff ensuring you are as comfortable as possible. While the laser rooms might look similar to the untrained eye, there can be many differences in terms of the experience you will have.

It is important to seek a laser eye centre that takes the time to greet you well and ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Having your surgeon there who you met on the initial consultation day is the most important comforting factor we find our patients relay to us as there should be a good trust and connection between the doctor and the patient. Ensuring that the surgeon repeats some important tests on the day of surgery to verify the precision of all previous measurements we feel is crucial in ensuring there is consistency among all the data measurements obtained. Having a laser facility that abides by the highest sterilization and protocol standards is very reassuring for both the surgeon and the patients as it will minimize any risk of infections that can rarely develop that way.

While there are many more aspects that are crucial to ensure your surgery goes as smooth as possible, we felt that it’s important to highlight a few important ones that you should ask about to ensure you are getting the best chance of vision correction.

At Clarity Laser Vision, we take a “no compromise” approach when it comes to abiding by the highest safety standards in operating room protocols. It is important to ensure that our patients are treated in the safest environment possible using the most advanced technologies that are clinically proven.