What You Need to Know About Refractive Lens Exchange
what you need to know about refractive lens exchange

What You Need to Know About Refractive Lens Exchange

February 9, 2023

Refractive lens exchange (RLE) is a surgical operation where a manufactured intraocular lens (IOL) is used to replace the eye’s native lens. This treatment is frequently used to treat vision issues brought on by cataracts, presbyopia, and other refractive abnormalities. Refractive laser surgery in Calgary aims to enhance the patient’s vision and lessen or remove the need for glasses or contact lenses.

Having said that, while there are many positive aspects of RLE, there are also certain disadvantages that should be considered before performing the treatment. We’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of RLE today:

Here’s What You Need to Learn About Refractive Lens Treatment

      1. For those over 50 who have trouble seeing up close

The natural lenses in the eyes deteriorate with age. They harden and deteriorate over time. Presbyopia, or the hardening of your natural lens, and cataracts, or the darkening of your natural lens, reduce the clarity of all of your vision. These ailments typically show up in your 40s and worsen into your 60s.

Patients with presbyopia, extreme hyperopia (a similar disorder where your eyes do not concentrate sharply on adjacent objects), and cataracts are frequent candidates for RLE.

      2. Identical to cataract surgery

The procedure for cataract surgery and lens exchange is very similar. The cataract operation removes a hazy lens, although your normal lens is clear. Similar to cataract treatment, your FVCL/BCLASIK eye surgeons in Calgary may recommend a certain intraocular lens (IOL) type based on your way of life and expected results.

Some lenses only offer sharp vision at a distance. As a result, you will still require glasses for close-up and intermediate vision. Other lenses offer increased depths of focus and sharp, near- and far-range vision that is similar to natural vision.

The synthetic lens should last the remainder of your life without spoiling and serve as a permanent substitute for your natural lens.

      3. Lasik-like results

Although LASIK eye surgery in Calgary, is still a great option for patients with nearsightedness, and farsightedness, it doesn’t treat vision problems caused by the lens inside the eye, such as presbyopia.

Refractive Lens Exchange is the suggested treatment for eye disorders that affect the lens in your eye, providing clear vision with a decreased need for glasses or contact lenses, progressives, reading glasses, or bifocals. By removing the lens that would keep degrading over time, RLE also gets rid of the necessity for later cataract surgery.

      4. An outpatient surgery

After RLE, you can anticipate leaving right away for home—with a designated driver, of course. Although each eye is operated on separately by an eye surgeon near you, with some rest time in between, the surgery lasts around 15 minutes.

Your eye will be numbed with anesthetic drops prior to surgery to lessen any discomfort. After that, you should allow yourself two weeks to recover before returning to your regular daily activities. Even though recovering from surgery is typically quick, it may take a few weeks before you can see the full effects of your eyesight correction procedure.

      5. Extremely safe procedure

One of the easiest and most frequent medical procedures is the exchange of refractive lenses. There are some difficulties to be aware of, just like with any surgical operation. However, you can lower your chances of them by picking a competent surgeon and following aftercare instructions.

In a Nutshell

Overall, RLE is the therapy of choice for many people looking for a proven method to permanently fix their eye issues. But before you proceed with the operation, it is necessary to be aware of any potential downsides. To determine if RLE is the best course of action for you, it is also crucial to speak with your doctor about the problem.

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