What Types of People Benefit From Lens Replacement?
what type of people benefit from lens replacement

What Type of People Benefit From Lens Replacement?

May 11, 2022

The natural lens of the eye is replaced with an artificial one during a particular type of eye surgery in Calgary called lens replacement. Sometimes referred to as refractive lens exchange or clear lens extraction, these procedures are used to cure refractive defects and enhance vision. Although this therapy is frequently connected to cataract surgery, it can also help people with other eye problems or visual abnormalities brought on by aging.

What is Lens Replacement?

At Clarity Laser Vision, we offer state-of-the-art refractive lens exchange in Calgary to help our patients achieve clear vision and improve their quality of life. Our experienced eye surgeons near you use the latest technology and techniques to ensure safe and effective results.

Here’s what you can expect when you come into our local clinic for lens replacement:

  1. Comprehensive eye evaluation: Before recommending lens replacement, our ophthalmologists will perform a comprehensive eye evaluation to determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. This will involve a thorough examination of your eyes, including your vision, cornea, and lens.
  2. Customized treatment plan: Based on your eye evaluation results and your specific needs and goals, our ophthalmologists will develop a customized treatment plan for you. This may include the type of intraocular lens (IOL) to be used, the surgical technique, and any other details related to the procedure.
  3. Advanced surgical technology: At Clarity Laser Vision, we use advanced surgical technology to perform lens replacement procedures. Our ophthalmologists use small incisions and gentle techniques to minimize discomfort and promote faster healing. We also use premium IOLs that provide clear vision at all distances and reduce the need for glasses or contact lenses.
  4. Personalized care: We understand that undergoing any surgical procedure can be stressful. That’s why we prioritize personalized care and attention for each of our patients. We will provide you with detailed pre-and post-operative instructions, as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  5. Follow-up care: After your eye surgery in Calgary, our team will provide you with thorough follow-up care to monitor your progress and ensure optimal results. We’ll schedule post-operative appointments to check your vision and eye health and make any necessary adjustments.

Who Needs Lens Replacement?

Patients who fall into any of the categories outlined below may benefit from lens replacement:

  • Presbyopia sufferers: As people age, almost everyone experiences presbyopia. It causes a progressive loss of near vision, making it challenging to read, operate a computer, or carry out other close-up vision-required duties. A multifocal or accommodating lens replacement can enhance near and far vision, minimizing the need for reading glasses or bifocals.
  • High levels of near- or farsightedness in individuals: High levels of near- or far-sightedness can be difficult to correct with glasses or contact lenses. Clearer vision without the need for corrective glasses can be achieved by replacing the lens with an intraocular lens (IOL).
  • Astigmatic people: Astigmatism is a typical refractive error that develops when the cornea or lens of the eye has an uneven shape. At all distances, this results in blurred or distorted vision. Through the use of a toric IOL, astigmatism can be reduced and vision can be enhanced.
  • People with thin corneas: Due to their thin corneas, certain patients may not be candidates for laser eye surgery, such as LASIK or PRK. For these people, lens replacement can offer an alternate approach that can improve their vision without the dangers of laser eye surgery.
  • People seeking freedom from glasses or contact lenses: Many people seek lens replacement to lessen or get rid of their dependency on contacts or glasses. For those whose jobs or lifestyles need good eyesight or who have energetic, active lifestyles, this can be very advantageous.

Always be sure to speak with your eye doctor prior to committing to anything. They will be able to address any questions or concerns you have.

Refractive Lens Exchange in Calgary

At Clarity Laser Vision, we’re committed to helping our patients achieve the best possible vision and quality of life. If you’re considering lens replacement, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced ophthalmologists to get a refractive lens exchange near you!