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What is Touchless Surface Ablation (TSA)?

February 10, 2017

Touchless Surface Ablations (TSA), also known as Transepithelial PRK, is a revolutionary new and simple way to correct vision for patients. As opposed to traditional PRK where the surgeon has to use either alcohol or a blade to remove the epithelium, with TSA the surgeon does not have to touch the eye at all! The laser system itself removes the epithelium and does the rest of the treatment. This allows the patient to feel absolutely nothing being done to the eye. The surgeon also has to do very little except give assurances and ensure the patient is comfortable.

By minimizing any surgeon involvement in the process, TSA leads to a faster procedure time, faster recovery, and more consistency in visual outcomes. Only the Schwind laser platform can deliver true TSA capability by ensuring the laser can truly the track in 6 dimensions so as to maximize the precision of the treatment. Furthermore, the Schwind laser system is the only system that performs an uninterrupted sequential treatment transition from epithelial removal to stromal ablation treatment. This ensures no lag time develops that can increase potential variability in the treatment protocol. Lastly, the Schwind laser system is the only system that can allow the surgeon to input the epithelial thickness profile of the patient’s own epithelium so as to perform a true Custom Epithelial removal technique.

At Clarity Laser Vision, we take a “no compromise” approach when it comes to bringing only the most advanced and proven diagnostic and treatment technologies available for our patients.

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