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spring into clearer vision

Spring Into Clearer Vision!

April 17, 2017

It’s happening. The days are getting longer, the snow is disappearing, and the birds are singing. Yes, Spring is in the air! While the weather in Southern Alberta can always be a bit touch-and-go for the next couple of months, there is no denying that winter is on its way out.

Allergy Season and Contact Lens Wear

As many can attest, however, along with Spring comes the dreaded allergy season! As a corneal specialist, Dr. Al-Ghoul often sees an increase in patients struggling with comfortable contact lens wear during this time of year. Nearly 75% of allergy symptoms can affect the eyes, leading to red, sore, dry, itchy, tearing, and puffy eyes. Combine that with our dry winters, and discomfort due to contact lens wear year-round is just one more reason patients are turning to refractive eye surgery. Eliminating the need to wear contact lenses, and the irritation that comes along with them is a common goal we hear from our patients, especially during allergy season.

Tired of uncomfortable contact lenses when your hay fever is acting up? Call Clarity Laser Vision today for a consultation, and make this Spring the last one that you will ever struggle with contact lens intolerance!