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scheduling refractive eye surgery

Scheduling Refractive Eye Surgery into Your Busy Life

July 6, 2017

When discussing the limitations holding people back from getting refractive eye surgery, a common answer we often hear is “time” – it’s difficult to fit laser eye surgery into busy lifestyles when we have so many other commitments with work, family, travel, hobbies, and just life in general! But it might surprise you to find out that laser eye surgery doesn’t have to force a stop on all the other things you want and need to do.

Flexible Surgery Schedules

Our flexible schedule for consultations and surgery days enables you to pick the best date and times that work with your life. While your initial consultation can take anywhere from 2-3 hours, we believe our thorough approach to screening and assessing your eyes is part of what makes Clarity Laser Vision so unique, and our scheduling team will be happy to work with you to determine the most convenient time to book this appointment.

Weekend Surgery Options

We will always have multiple surgery dates open for you to book at your convenience. A weekend surgical day, which is always an option we offer, means many of our patients will not need to take off additional time from work. After recovering for the rest of the weekend, the majority of our LASIK/SBK patients can return to work the following Monday, both from a vision and comfort point of view!

TSA vs. LASIK/SBK Recovery Times

We do note to patients considering Touchless Surface Ablation (TSA) that the recovery time is longer than with LASIK/SBK. However, as compared to traditional PRK techniques, with the revolution of a truly touchless procedure where the laser performs all of the ablation and correction, recovery times have significantly decreased. Dr. Al-Ghoul will still recommend taking at least one week off work for healing. However, the majority of our patients are already seeing well enough to drive by the 4th or 5th day after surgery.

Postoperative Visits

We also do our best to simplify your postoperative visits as much as possible. Dr. Al-Ghoul will want to follow up with you the day after surgery, as well as later on that week. However, once he is satisfied with your healing and vision, he will request that your optometrist continues regular follow-up care from there on out. This makes the process far more convenient for many of our patients as they can follow up with someone closer to home, work, or school, at a time suitable for them.

Still not sure if refractive eye surgery is something you can squeeze into your busy schedule? Call Clarity Laser Vision today for more information on scheduling and available surgery dates.