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Recovery & Outcomes

Clarity Laser Vision’s Lasik and prk Recovery

We at Clarity Laser Vision understand how important your recovery period is to maximizing your outcomes. That’s why we closely monitor your recovery process for up to a year after your surgery. You will be provided with Dr. Al-Ghoul’s personal number for any questions or concerns you might have, and after each procedure, patients are provided with an aftercare kit with detailed instructions on Lasik and prk recovery. Dr. Al-Ghoul and the patient coordinator will personally go over the instructions with you to make sure everything is clearly understood. Everybody’s eyes are unique, and their vision will stabilize and improve at different rates. However, if at any point in your recovery we realize that your vision hasn’t completely cleared, then you are eligible for a complimentary enhancement procedure.

your Lasik and prk Recovery Schedule

Part of our supervision of your LASIK and PRK recovery will be a regular schedule of post-operative visits to make sure your eyes are being cared for, with the first appointment being on the day after your surgery. Most people who undergo laser eye surgery can also return to work the very next day after their procedure with Lasik. With prk, we find that it can take up to a week before you feel comfortable going back to work. We still advise all our patients to take time off from work if possible to help speed the recovery process. Your regular follow-up schedule will continue for a year, but afterwards, annual visits to check on the eyes are strongly advised with your primary eye care provider.

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What Will My Lasik And prk Recovery Feel Like?

There are a few common, but temporary symptoms associated with LASIK and PRK recovery: dry eyes, sensitivity to light, watery eyes, blurriness, and haloes and glares in night vision. We will provide you with eye drops to help with the dry eyes and blurry vision, but these symptoms should decrease after a few months into your LASIK and PRK recovery.

With LASIK, because your corneal flap will be in a fragile condition, it’s essential that you don’t rub your eyes during the first week of your LASIK recovery; to help keep you comfortable while you rest, you will be provided with eye shields to wear at night while you sleep. With PRK, there is less concerns about rubbing the eyes because there are no flaps made as part of the procedure.