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protect those eyes when playing sports

Protect Those Eyes When Playing Sports!

December 17, 2017

Vision is very important to all athletes as it is equivalent to encouragement, technique, practice, or natural ability. Problems are, however, encountered in this aspect as a result of sports-related eye injuries. This is a significant world hazard that occurs in a large number of athletes. In about 15% of cases, it results in permanent loss of sight. Baseball, ice hockey, racquet sports, basketball among other are the world leading causes of eye injuries. Fortunately, these traumatic sports-related eye injuries are preventable.

Proper Eye Protection

According to ophthalmologists, about 90% of sports-related eye injuries can be avoided by simply wearing proper protection. Protective eyewear includes specially designed safety glasses and goggles, safety shields, and eye guards. Each protective eyewear is specific for each athletic activity, and much consideration is highly important before selecting a specific eyewear so that it fits into the face perfectly and does not easily slide off. This eyewear will reduce the risk rate, allow players to play better without the fear of getting injured. Although it is important to be conscious of potential causes of sports-related eyes injury, it is also important to live an active lifestyle.
It is important to shield the eyes from possible trauma in people with pre-existing eye conditions before eyes surgeries which include LASIK—commonly referred to as laser eye surgery—or in people with impaired vision in one eye to avoid permanent vision loss.

Routine Eye Examinations

Eye exams are important in detecting predisposing conditions in athletes, and thorough eye examination should be conducted to determine if any eye condition should be addressed immediately. Some signs, such as pain, cuts, or tears, can be used to recognize possible eye injuries. When these signs occur, medical help must be sought right away.