Premium Iols
premium iols

Premium Iols

June 13, 2018

Premium IOLs for Refractive Lens Exchange

For patients who don’t qualify for laser eye surgery, intraocular surgery can be a very safe and effective alternative for vision correction. Intraocular surgery corrects vision by inserting a lens implant into the eye, almost like permanent contact lenses. Intraocular surgery can either be phakic, meaning the lens implant is inserted over the natural lens, or it can be a refractive lens exchange, in which a lens implant replaces the natural lens.

The lens implants are commonly referred to as IOL, or intraocular lens. While standard IOLs have been the most commonly used for decades, there are some setbacks. For one thing, standard IOLs are monofocal, so they can only correct vision at either near, intermediate, or far distances. You will need to depend on prescription lenses for whatever is not corrected. However, leading eye care centres like Clarity Laser Vision provide a number of premium IOLS that offer more advanced features than standard IOLs.

Your Choice of Premium IOLs

The most common premium IOLs used at Clarity Laser Vision are:

  • AcrySof® IQ Toric IOLs by Alcon
  • AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® Multifocal IOLs by Alcon
  • TECNIS® Symfony IOL by Abbott
  • TECNIS Multifocal Lens by Abbott
  • Lentis Comfort by Oculentis
  • Lentis M plus by Oculentis

At Clarity Laser Vision, we will help you choose amongst the latest and most advanced technologies for vision correction depending on your lifestyle needs. Contact us now, for a consultation.

Types of Premium IOLS

Along with other features, premium IOLS provide a wide range of clear vision from near to far distances, thus further reducing the need for eyeglasses or contacts. You need to pick the premium IOLs that are right for your eyes and your prescription, so remember to consult with an ophthalmic surgeon with extensive experience with premium IOLs like Dr. Al-Ghoul.

Accommodative: These lenses have the ability to move the eye to focus on near, intermediate, and far objects, much like how a real lens focuses.

Toric: These are similar to standard IOLs, but they have the added benefit of treating astigmatism, which is not usually directly treated by a lens exchange.

Extended Range: These IOLS have an intermediate to the distant range, which is perfect for everyday use like driving or using a computer.

Multifocal: These lenses have multiple concentric circles with different focusing distances, thus allowing the patient to see at near, intermediate, and far distances.