LASIK vs. Contact Lenses: Which is Better?
lasik vs. contact lenses which is better

LASIK vs. Contact Lenses: Which is Better?

November 6, 2023

Starting the path to perfect eyesight ignites the age-old debate between contact lenses and LASIK surgery. In an age full of options, choosing what matches your lifestyle is crucial.

Have you ever wondered which vision correction method would be best for you?

Take the step towards clear vision without the hassle—explore LASIK eye surgery near you. Join us on a relaxing journey as we untangle the benefits and downsides of LASIK and contact lenses. What variables influence your decision? 

Delve into this pleasant excursion where we dissect facts, give fascinating details, and lead you into the realm of clear eyesight. It’s your hassle-free guide to making a wise and comfortable choice for your eyes.

Understanding Vision Correction

Vision correction serves as the meticulous adjustment of our eye’s lens, mirroring the precision required for a camera lens. 

This process ensures that light converges accurately onto the retina, paving the way for a distinctly clear visual experience. 

Unravelling prevalent vision problems—myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism—we delve into the intricate factors contributing to these issues. 

Moreover, we shed light on the critical roles that both LASIK and contact lenses play in correcting these refractive abnormalities, providing users with a clear roadmap to achieve perfect vision.

Contact Lenses: Navigating the Pros and Cons for Informed Choices


  • Unobstructed Peripheral Vision:- Contact lenses sit directly on the cornea, providing an unimpeded field of vision. 

Unlike glasses, they move with your eyes, offering a natural and expansive visual experience.

  • Lifestyle Versatility:- Ideal for various lifestyles, contact lenses are a go-to choice for those engaged in sports, outdoor activities, or professions where glasses might be impractical. 

They seamlessly integrate into daily routines, offering flexibility and convenience.

  • Aesthetic Appeal:- Contact lenses don’t alter one’s appearance, allowing wearers to showcase their natural features without the visual obstruction of eyeglasses. This aesthetic neutrality is particularly valued in social and professional settings.


  • Demanding Care Routine:- The benefits of contact lenses come with a trade-off: a rigorous daily care routine. 

Cleaning, disinfecting, and proper storage are imperative to prevent infection and maintain eye health. Neglecting these steps can lead to discomfort and potential risks.

  • Infection Risks:- Improper cleaning, overuse, or using expired solutions can increase the risk of eye infections. 

Bacterial or fungal growth on lenses poses a threat to ocular health, necessitating strict adherence to hygiene practices.

  • Financial Considerations:- While the initial cost of contact lenses might seem reasonable, the cumulative expenses can add up. 

Regular purchases of lenses, cleaning solutions, and frequent eye exams contribute to a notable financial commitment over time.

Selecting between contact lenses and other vision correction methods demands careful consideration of lifestyle, comfort, and care routines. 

Weigh convenience against infection risk and financial aspects. When seeking top-notch eye care, explore the wealth of expertise offered by our distinguished eye surgeons in Calgary. 

LASIK Treatment: Pros and Cons


  • Swift Improvement: LASIK offers almost immediate enhancement in vision, with many patients reporting clearer eyesight within 24 hours.
  • Quick Procedure: The surgery is typically completed within 20 minutes, showcasing the efficiency of LASIK as a time-effective solution.
  • Long-Term Savings: While there’s an initial cost, LASIK eliminates ongoing expenses for lenses or glasses, resulting in long-term financial savings.
  • Independence from Corrective Lenses: For the majority of patients, LASIK provides freedom from reliance on glasses or contact lenses.
  • Versatility in Correction: LASIK can address a higher degree of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism compared to contact lenses.


  • Potential Side Effects: Temporary side effects like dry eyes or night glare may occur, emphasizing the importance of understanding and managing postoperative effects.
  • Exclusion Criteria: LASIK may not be suitable for individuals with certain eye conditions or health issues, requiring a careful assessment of candidacy.
  • Surgical Risks: As with any surgical procedure, LASIK involves inherent risks, including the potential for infection or inflammation.
  • Variable Permanence: The permanence of correction can vary among individuals, particularly those with severe myopia or evolving vision changes.
  • Not Universal: LASIK might not be a universal solution, and the decision to undergo the procedure should be based on an individual’s unique circumstances and preferences.

Opt for convenience without compromising on quality—find an exceptional eye surgeon near you. Navigating the decision to undergo LASIK involves weighing these pros and cons to make an informed choice aligned with personal vision goals and health considerations.

Comparative Insight: LASIK vs. Contact Lenses

Delving into the LASIK vs. contact lens dilemma demands a nuanced understanding. 

Consider the financial landscape: LASIK may prove economically advantageous over time, freeing you from the recurring costs associated with contact lenses. 

Lifestyle considerations are pivotal too—LASIK offers unmatched convenience, minimizing postoperative care in stark contrast to the daily rituals required by contact lenses.

A Clear Path to Vision Excellence

At Clarity Laser Vision, your quest for impeccable vision takes centre stage. 

Unleash the potential of clear vision with LASIK eye surgery in Calgary. With a commitment to personalized expertise, whether through LASIK or contact lenses, we’re here to guide your path to clarity.

Whether opting for LASIK or exploring contact lenses, our tailored expertise ensures your vision’s precision. 

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