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how are digital screens affecting your eyes

How Are Digital Screens Affecting Your Eyes?

September 26, 2017

As the years go on, it seems more and more time is spent staring at digital screens. Even most children these days spend a few hours daily looking at devices such as iPads or TVs. But is there anything wrong with the amount of time we spend looking at digital screens? There actually is, due to the blue light that is emitted and various other factors.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a kind of light that is produced by digital screens such as computer monitors, televisions and mobile phones. It has a very short wavelength, which in return means it produces a higher amount of energy. Prolonged exposure, especially at short distances can have long-term effects on the eyes.

Eye Muscle Strain

When spending prolonged periods of time looking at a digital screen, there are various factors that can lead to eye muscle strain. Glare and light can increase muscle strain as can the position of your monitor, the distance between you and the monitor, and how often you blink! In order to avoid eye strain, try to reduce the glare, adjust your monitor, increase the distance and always remember to blink. Without blinking, you can get dry eyes, causing further eye irritation.

Retina Damage

The blue light that is emitted from digital devices can stimulate blue light cells found within your retina. Prolonged digital screen viewing can cause damage to the retina, similar to the sun but on a much lesser scale. Certain types of glasses or screens can reduce the amount of blue light exposure, decreasing the risk of retina damage.

Wondering if your digital screen viewing has caused you eye problems? Contact Clarity Laser Vision in Calgary; we’d be happy to evaluate your optical health and discuss whether any treatment options could be used to improve your condition.