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The results are considered permanent, however, a very small percentage of patients’ experience regression, a condition where the effects of the treatment start to decrease. In this case, Clarity Laser Vision offers an additional LASIK or PRK procedure at no cost as part of a Life-time commitment to our patients.

This is a special type of femtolaser LASIK that offers greater precision and safety. SBK has the advantage of creating thinner flaps, leaving a stronger, more stable corneal structure, and allowing for a higher probability of a self-sealing flap.

TRANSPRK is a truly customized “No Touch” Technique in performing PRK laser ablation where there is no mechanical removal of the epithelium. This results in the patient not having any surgical manipulation done to the eye and instead having the laser perform essentially all steps of the laser treatment process.

Clarity Laser Vision is one of the few eye care centres that offers fully customizable LASIK or SBK treatments. Our customized treatments offer unparalleled precision for better predictability of results and lower risk of side effects. To learn more about Custom LASIK

You will be given a topical anesthetic beforehand, so the procedure should not hurt at all. You will also be given medications and possibly bandage contact lenses to help with any discomfort during the recovery. With PRK, there may be an initial period of light sensitivity and some discomfort experienced in the first few days after treatment. With the usage of the medications we give along with proper adherence of our post op regimen the recovery process tends to be quite smooth. It’s preferred to do both eyes at the same time to allow for ease of adaptation to the new way of seeing after treatment.

Lasik and PRK can treat astigmatism at the same time as nearsightedness and farsightedness.

LASIK and PRK are considered to be one of the safest and reliable procedures in the medical field. Only 1 in 1,000 procedures result in complications that cause a small loss of vision that can’t be fixed with prescription eyewear. If you look away during surgery, the laser system’s advanced tracking system will be able to tell immediately and stop until you look in the right direction. By and large, complications from LASIK or PRK are comfortably manageable by an expert corneal surgeon like Dr. Al-Ghoul.

The actual procedure with the laser should take a few seconds, but overall the procedure takes about 10-15 minutes. If you look away during surgery, the laser system’s advanced tracking system will be able to tell immediately and stop until you look in the right direction. There is a very small possibility of side effects like blurred, doubled, and distorted vision along with haloes and glares that appear in night vision. More common temporary side effects include light sensitivity, soreness, and watery eyes.

Dr. Al-Ghoul takes extreme precaution to limit the risk of complications by using advanced and clinically proven techniques and equipment. Serious complications are extremely rare; but they might involve an issue with the flap or post-operative complications like inflammation, infection, corneal ectasia, and other afflictions in the case of LASIK. Also with PRK there may be a small risk of corneal haze that can develop or very rarely corneal erosions. The list of complications mentioned here is not meant to be exhaustive and we will provide you with a more detailed explanation of complications that may rarely arise to ensure you understand fully the risks.

In general, as prescriptions increase, it’s harder to predict what your results might be. There are a lot of factors that decide the range of prescriptions that LASIK or PRK can treat, so it’s important you discuss with your surgeon whether you’re a good candidate for LASIK or PRK.

If your prescription is too high, Dr. Al-Ghoul offers other alternative procedures for vision correction such as PHAKIC IOL and REFRACTIVE LENS EXCHANGE if they are deemed safe and appropriate to offer