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eye care after laser eye surgery

Eye Care After Laser Eye Surgery

May 19, 2017

Following LASIK, healing starts immediately as patients experience improved vision. But, recovery after laser eye surgery can also bring some discomfort. Eye irritation, dry eye, watering/tearing, or feeling like something is in the eye, are common post-surgery symptoms. An over-the-counter pain reliever may be suggested to alleviate mild discomfort. As part of your laser eye surgery aftercare, drops may be recommended to combat dry eyes after laser eye surgery.

Precautions After LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Although most patients enjoy amazing results after laser treatment for the eyes, recovery speed depends on how well the patient heals and how much correction was required. Protective eye shields are worn during sleep for several days after laser eye surgery to prevent rubbing. It is very important not to irritate your eyes during the initial healing stage.

Care After Laser Eye Surgery

Most people go back to work one or two days after laser treatment for the eyes. It is important that you follow your eye doctor’s instructions and heed the following restrictions. Practicing proper aftercare will shorten recovery time after laser eye surgery and help to eliminate potential problems.

  • When outdoors, wear protective sunglasses for at least the first week after eye laser surgery.
  • Limit reading time for the first few days after laser treatment for the eyes.
  • For the first week, do not wear any type of eye makeup.
  • Do not touch or rub your eyes for a month after laser eye surgery.
  • Avoid any physical exertion or exercise for one week.
  • Avoid hot tubs, whirlpools, and swimming anywhere, for a week after eye laser treatment.
  • Stay away from dusty environments and avoid gardening activities for one week.
  • Do not participate in contact sports that may result in an eye injury for at least one month.

Your eye doctor will inform you when the after-effects of laser eye treatment have subsided enough for you to drive safely, which usually follows after just one day of recovery.