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Custom LASIK/SBK in Calgary

Custom LASIK/SBK in Calgary

Am I a candidate for lasik/sbk?

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what is lasik/sbk?

LASIK. It’s widely known across the medical world as one of the safest, fastest, and most effective methods of vision correction. LASIK surgery is performed by creating a flap using microkeratome or femtosecond laser that is then lifted to allow for reshaping the cornea using an excimer laser system. This unbelievably precise form of laser eye surgery is one of the most popular treatments for refractive errors like nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. SBK is the most advanced method of performing LASIK eye surgery in Calgary, where only ultra-thin flaps are created for laser ablation using femtosecond laser technology as opposed to mechanical microkeratomes.

how does lasik/sbk work?

LASIK or SBK uses ultraviolet lasers to reshape the cornea-the transparent tissue covering your eyes so that it can correctly focus light onto the retina. The LASIK procedure is done by creating a thin flap in your cornea. That flap is pulled back and an excimer laser is used to microscopically sculpt the cornea. The flap is then put back in its place where it will quickly heal and seal itself.

what’s special about lasik/sbk from clarity laser vision?

Not only does Dr. Al-Ghoul have extensive experience with the most effective and safest techniques for LASIK, but his position as a corneal researcher in the forefront of corneal surgery has allowed him to amass a collection of the newest and most reliable corneal technologies used for LASIK and other corneal procedures. This large collection of technologies allows for more precise outcomes for our patients.

When it comes to LASIK, Clarity used the IFS Femtosecond Laser which is a fifth generation platform from Abbott Vision and is very precise in creating ultra-thin flaps for SBK or LASIK treatments. By creating an ultra-thin flap for ablation, also known as Sub-Bowman’s Keratomileusis (SBK), we achieve a much stronger architecture to the cornea than traditional LASIK eye surgery. What is especially unique about the iFS is the “Inverted bevel-in” side cut design that allows for a much stronger flap architecture than what other laser platforms can do (Figure 1).

In terms of excimer laser technology, Clarity has the Schwind Amaris Laser System which is currently the first ever 6th generation laser system in Southern Alberta. The Schwind Amaris Laser System has the smallest, and in effect, the most precise laser spot treatment available for LASIK. The Schwind Amaris Laser System has been clinically tested and determined to create superior results in terms of safety and efficiency. The Schwind Amaris and other advanced technologies used by Clarity are what produces our excellent LASIK outcomes.

am i a candidate for lasik eye surgery in calgary?

Dr. Al-Ghoul’s diverse repertoire of medical and surgical expertise in the field of cornea and refractive surgery allows him to perform only the most appropriate procedure that would best benefit the patient. Each patient will undergo an extensive pre-operative consultation to see if they’re a good candidate for LASIK in Calgary.

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what does custom mean?

Thanks to the Advanced Diagnostic And Therapeutic Technology Platforms we offer at Clarity, we tailor every treatment we perform to the patient’s own corneal shape and visual aberration. This results in a truly customized treatment profile for every patient at Clarity. Our eyes are as unique as we are. As such, achieving the most precise outcomes requires meticulous data gathering on your own eyes that we utilize to design a truly customized treatment profile. Our goal is to maximize your vision outcome through our “no compromise” approach to everything we do here at Clarity.

Figure 1: Inverted bevel-in side cut design created by iFS femtosecond laser platform.

 inverted bevel in side cut design

lasik and sbk benefits

No More Glasses or Contacts – Millions of people who have received LASIK care have reduced or eliminated their need for contacts and glasses. At Clarity Laser Vision, nearly 99% of our refractive patients have acquired 20/25 vision or better through our Calgary LASIK procedure.

Painless – The corneal flap created during the LASIK procedure will be sealed only hours after the surgery. Because there are no deep incisions or sutures required, the patient has a quick recovery, and there’s little to no discomfort involved.

Be Active Again – Wearing glasses or contacts can restrict the types of activities a person can do, from playing in sports and swimming, to even pursuing a career as a pilot in the Airforce. LASIK allows individuals who seek the freedom to work and play to participate in those activities again without being held back by glasses or contacts.

Fast Results – The results after receiving LASIK are so immediate, thanks to the quick healing and recovery that occurs after the procedure; many patients have been able to return to their daily lives the day after their LASIK procedure.

Adjustable – Another LASIK benefit is its adaptability; it’s simple to make adjustments to finely tune and further improve the quality of vision even years after the first procedure.

Improved Peripheral and Night Vision – Eyeglasses normally block parts of our peripheral vision; with LASIK, an individual not only gains that peripheral vision back from no longer needing glasses, they also have considerable increases in the quality of vision in those areas.

Clarity Lifetime Commitment – As part of our commitment to you, our LASIK Surgery Experts in Calgary offer complimentary enhancements and adjustments to your vision if you ever need it. At Clarity Laser Vision, we will be here to take care of your vision needs throughout your lifetime, at no cost to you.