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common misconceptions about lasik

Common Misconceptions about LASIK

May 21, 2018

LASIK has become one of the most common eye procedures today. More and more people are learning about the benefits of LASIK and going through with the procedure. What is more, the cost of LASIK has also dropped significantly over time. So why are so many people still avoiding the procedure? Unfortunately, there are still a lot of myths floating around about LASIK that hold people back. We are going to consider just a few of them:

I’m too old for LASIK.

Against what many people believe, there are many cases of successful LASIK procedures being performed on people even in their 50’s and 60’s! There is no upper age restriction when it comes to the LASIK procedure. That being said, there are some age-related eye conditions that could cause you to lose your candidacy for LASIK such as glaucoma and cataracts.

LASIK is too young of a procedure, and we don’t know the long-term side effects.

LASIK has been performed for over 25 years successfully, and long-term studies have already shown positive results. As technology has become more advanced, so has the procedure. There are very few possible complications.

LASIK is painful.

The fact of the matter is that LASIK is a very fast procedure lasting only about 15 minutes per eye and is generally pain-free. Numbing eye drops are applied right before the procedure to limit any discomfort, and while the patient may feel a small amount of pressure, most are surprised by how fast, easy, and painless it really is.

LASIK can cause you to go permanently blind.

There has not been one single recorded case of anyone going permanently blind from LASIK surgery. Complications related to LASIK are very rare, diminish over time, and are generally correctable.

Hopefully, these facts have made you more comfortable with LASIK so that you can get the vision that you deserve!