Can Your Eyesight Worsen After Laser Eye Surgery?
can your eyesight worsen after laser eye surgery

Can Your Eyesight Worsen After Laser Eye Surgery?

June 29, 2021

LASIK eye surgery is a procedure that permanently corrects vision, allowing individuals to easily read, drive, and go about their daily lives without worrying about having to wear contact lenses or glasses. At Clarity Laser Vision, our eye surgeon near you uses a powerful laser to reshape your cornea, permanently addressing issues that cause vision problems. While LASIK is permanent, eyesight can and will change, even after laser surgery. There are numerous possible causes of eyesight changes after undergoing eye surgery in Calgary.

Progression of Farsightedness, Nearsightedness, or Astigmatism

It is normal for your eyes to change throughout your life. When you visit the eye doctor and leave with a stronger, new prescription, it is a sign that your eye condition is progressing. Our eye doctor most often recommends that patients wait to get LASIK until adulthood so that their vision can stabilize. Most patients wait to get LASIK until their prescription hasn’t changed for one year.

LASIK eye surgery near you corrects any vision problems you have at the time of your procedure, but any vision problems you already have may continue to progress. Luckily, these progressions are usually minor and occur very slowly over several years. Even if your farsightedness or nearsightedness continues to progress after getting LASIK, your vision will still be clearer than it would have been without undergoing laser eye surgery. If your vision changes are significant, our team can perform a LASIK enhancement.


One of the more common reasons that vision changes occur after laser eye surgery is presbyopia. This is an age-related eye condition that happens as the eye lens hardens and stiffens. This makes it more challenging for the eye to focus on items that are up close. This condition happens to almost everyone and is a natural part of aging. Most patients begin to notice symptoms of presbyopia around age forty. Presbyopia can be treated with contact lenses, reading glasses, or surgery. 


It may surprise you to find out that your vision can change during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. These vision changes are usually temporary and resolve quickly after pregnancy.

If you are trying to conceive, it may be a good idea to undergo LASIK eye surgery. LASIK alleviates many of the uncomfortable vision changes that can occur during pregnancy. One of the most common eye conditions that occur during pregnancy is dry eye, which can make it difficult for women to wear contact lenses. Since LASIK eliminates the need for contact lenses, it can make pregnancy smoother and provide expectant mothers with more comfort. Laser eye surgery is not recommended for those who are pregnant but can be safely performed before conception. 

Eyesight After LASIK

One of the many benefits of LASIK is clearer vision. Patients are delighted to experience 20/20 vision and living glasses-free after undergoing laser eye surgery. Many patients will never have to wear contact lenses or glasses ever again. Your vision may change after surgery, but if it does, LASIK will still be beneficial. Changes in vision after LASIK are typically minor, and most people report improved eyesight for a lifetime after their procedures.

While results after laser eye surgery vary, our team of experienced eye surgeons at Clarity Laser Vision are known for achieving some of the best and most consistent results. Don’t hesitate to contact our team to book a consultation for LASIK eye surgery today!