Can You Get LASIK Twice?
can you get lasik twice

Can You Get LASIK Twice?

September 16, 2021

You’ve already had LASIK eye surgery in Calgary once, and you were thrilled with the results. After all, who wouldn’t be? After years of dealing with contact lenses and glasses, you are finally able to see without all of that hassle.

LASIK surgery was life-changing, but it doesn’t always last a lifetime. Life without contact lenses and glasses is preferable, but what happens when your vision starts to deteriorate after LASIK? In this blog post, our team at Clarity Laser Vision tells you why your eyes may change after LASIK and what you can do about it.

What to Do if Your Vision Changes After LASIK

Eye surgeons in Calgary perform LASIK as a long-lasting option for correcting vision, but it is not guaranteed to last a lifetime. It is important to go into LASIK understanding that your vision may still change after the procedure.

Patients whose vision has changed several years after undergoing LASIK may be eligible for the second round of LASIK. The first step is to contact the laser eye clinic near you where you had your first procedure, as you will need another consultation with an eye surgeon.

At the consultation, your eye surgeon will ensure that a second procedure is necessary. Just like the first time, your eye surgeon will need to consider your eye health, age, and other underlying medical conditions before determining if you are eligible for LASIK eye surgery near you.

Why Does Vision Change Following LASIK?

LASIK is thought to be a long-lasting procedure that millions of individuals have undergone and loved. However, it is vital to understand that LASIK cannot fix all vision problems.

LASIK involves an eye surgeon reshaping your cornea and fixing refractive issues. Even after LASIK, you can still develop cataracts or presbyopia. LASIK can only correct refractive errors, but it cannot prevent further eye issues from developing as you age.

What Happens When Our Eyes Age?

For most individuals, their vision problems after LASIK are not due to their surgery but rather due to their aging eyes. As our eyes get older, cataracts develop, and patients can slowly lose their vision.

Another common side effect of aging eyes is presbyopia. Presbyopia occurs as our eyes lose their natural ability to focus. This is why many people over the age of forty wear reading glasses to see better. Presbyopia causes the lens of our eyes to lose flexibility as it thickens. This cannot be addressed with LASIK.

LASIK cannot address either of these problems, so sometimes vision changes following LASIK cannot be fixed with an additional round of LASIK. Instead, you may require another form of vision correction surgery or simply need glasses again.

Visit Clarity Laser Vision

If you are struggling with vision problems, the best place to start is always by speaking to a professional. With a professional opinion, you can make an educated and informed decision about your eye health and overall wellbeing.

At Clarity Laser Vision, our dedicated team of eye doctors and surgeons are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about your vision. We can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your vision and come up with viable treatment options and plans. Please do not hesitate to contact our team and book a consultation today.