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are there age restrictions for lasik

Are There Age Restrictions for LASIK?

February 6, 2018

The most common age to get LASIK falls somewhere between 20 and 40, but does this mean you can be too old or too young for LASIK? Generally speaking, LASIK isn’t usually performed on people under 18 for the simple reason that eyes continue to change during young adulthood, but LASIK has been performed on young children with severe eye problems to correct them successfully.

But what about being too old? There is no set age on what would count as “too old” for LASIK. If you want it and it’s safe for you personally, then you should, by all means, go to the clinic and get it done. Plenty of people have gotten LASIK surgery at 80 years of age or more.

LASIK Age Requirements

LASIK is FDA-approved for people over 18 years of age. It’s actually recommended that you wait until your mid-twenties to get LASIK because your eye prescription usually continues to fluctuate until about then for most people. From about your mid-twenties starts the age that most people get LASIK because they start to collect a savings account and they grow more and more tired of using glasses or contact lenses. This is the perfect time to get LASIK.

Around the age of 40, though, the eyes start to change again. This is when many people’s nearsighted vision starts to deteriorate, and they need reading glasses. Unfortunately, LASIK does not correct this problem, so many people who suffer from this problem elect for a procedure called “monovision.” This means that one eye is corrected to be able to see up close and the other to see far. After some time of adjustment, your vision will adjust, and you will be able to see both near and far.

Once your eyes are fully developed, and you are out of your teenage years, LASIK is a safe and beneficial procedure at any future age.