Advantages and Disadvantages of Implantable Contact Lenses
advantages and disadvantages of implantable contact lenses

Advantages and Disadvantages of Implantable Contact Lenses

June 10, 2022

An alternative to laser vision correction surgery is receiving an implantable Collamer lens near you, which is also known as an implantable contact lens (ICL). With a difference, it provides advantages comparable to those of conventional external contact lenses.

The ICL is implanted inside the eye, between the iris and the normal lens, which is the primary distinction. It is specifically shaped to treat vision issues like astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness without replacing the natural lens that exists in the eye.

To help you understand who would benefit the most from the ICL operation, we’ll go through some of its benefits and drawbacks below.


Implantable contact lens surgery provides quick, safe, and effective long-term vision correction. The benefits of ICL surgery include the following:

  • Enhanced quality of vision

The procedure makes no noticeable difference to the cornea’s curvature. A keyhole incision is used to introduce the ICL within the eye. There will only be minimal impacts on your corneal curvature. Your vision quality will significantly improve because the eye will be able to retain its natural corneal shape, even at high prescription levels. As a result, night vision may improve over previous methods.

  • Good for patients ineligible for LASIK

Someone can be ineligible for LASIK or refractive surgery if they have thin or uneven corneas, dry eye syndrome, extremely high prescriptions, or large pupils. An excellent substitute that is unaffected by these problems is an ICL.

  • Great option for farsightedness

Due to the high risk of regression following LASIK surgery in these circumstances, some  patients may be advised not to receive it. Fortunately, ICL can be a fantastic solution if deemed suitable with sufficient AC depth, etc. Regression is not a possibility, and patients can see without glasses.

  • Quick recovery

There is no need for stitches during an ICL surgery; only a tiny incision is needed. There is little recovery time after the quick treatment.                                                                

  • Less risk of dry eye

Contrary to laser refractive surgery, the corneal nerves are not damaged during ICL implantation. This aids patients in preventing the typical dry eye problem following laser surgery.


Although there are very few risks related to implanted contact lenses, it’s important to understand their limitations, nonetheless.

  • Increase eye pressure

High pressure inside the eye can result from improper ICL surgical size. The ICL may need to be removed from the eye if eye pressure cannot be regulated or if there is a severe size abnormality.

  • Cataract development

About 5–10% of the time, it can happen. This is thought to be caused by the ICL’s near proximity to the crystalline lens inside the eye. Patients who have progressive cataracts may need cataract surgery.

  • Frequent check-ups

ICLs are designed to be in place permanently. To make sure the implants are in place and working well, it is still advised to schedule routine checkups with implantable Collamer lenses in Calgary. Your eye doctor can check for early cataracts or elevated pressure in your eye during these consultations.

Will This Eye Surgery Work for You?

ICL surgery can permanently decrease your dependence on glasses or contact lenses. 

Normally, the treatment takes about 30 minutes, and recovery is fast. The procedure is known to be safe; however, there can still be some side effects. With the help of an eye surgeon near you, you can decide if the treatment is suitable for you or not. Your age, eye health, and medical background will all be taken into account with their assistance. 

Overall, eye surgery in Calgary has its own unique benefits and disadvantages. However, it’s critical to comprehend the concerns surrounding the procedure, the healing process, potential issues, side effects, and expected outcomes following ICL treatment. You can reach out to Clarity Laser Vision and discover what works best for your individual needs.