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reasons why you need an eye exam

7 Reasons Why You Need an Eye Exam

April 21, 2018

  • You’ve been blowing it off for months…years…okay, centuries! The longer you wait, the worse many conditions can get. The worst thing you can do is wait until you have issues and then visit the doctor since there are many preventive treatments to help.
  • You have been wearing the same contacts for years. And that’s not a good thing; you get a new phone every year, so what about your contacts? There’s, new amazing tech in contact lenses now! Something that may not have been possible when you first got contacts could be a reality now.
  • You got used to looking through those scratches on your lenses. There is no need to suffer through an inferior or damaged product. Your eye health is way too important.
  • You sleep in your eye makeup. Bacteria and germs can easily get in the eye and cause infections. Anytime there is debris or leftover makeup near the eye, you run the risk. Listen, we know it happens, but get your eyes examined here and there to make sure all is good.
  • You are at risk of developing glaucoma. Knowledge is power and understanding how glaucoma can develop can help you prevent it. Ignoring an issue does not mean it will not happen to you, it just means that it can hurt you even more!
  • It’s NOT your boss, its computer eye strain! People have no idea how much damage work stress can do to your eyes. Let us help you with blue light and glare reducing technology.
  • Your eyes are red, itchy or dry. Your eyes love you, so love them back. Keep them healthy!