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4 signs that its time for an eye exam

4 Signs that It’s Time for an Eye Exam

December 3, 2017

It’s always good to book regular eye exams for the sole reason that your eye health is important. If you go years at a time without getting an eye exam, or even worse—if you ignore signs that your eye health is failing—then you could be in serious trouble when it comes to your eye health. People who are at risk of eye problems need to get eye exams more regularly, but everyone should pay attention to their eye health.

What Does it Mean To Be “At Risk”?

There are a number of factors that contribute to one person being at a higher risk than the rest of us. Having a family history of something like glaucoma or suffering from diseases like diabetes or hypertension greatly increase your risk of eye problems. Diabetes and hypertension strain your eyes and can cause serious issues, especially if left unchecked.

What Are the Signs?

  • You are squinting more

If you are squinting more often this may be an indicator that your vision is impaired in some way or may be worsening. At this time an eye exam is needed to assess whether or not you need to start wearing glasses or contacts.

  • Bright flashes and floaters

A floater or two may not be a direct indication of a serious issue; however, many new floaters, especially when combined with a loss of light or bright flashes, are a strong indication of a problem. It is important to get checked by an eye doctor.

  • Frequent headaches

Many times, your eyes are the culprits of a headache, this could mean that you are becoming more sensitive to outside visual stimuli and an eye exam is important.

  • Eye infections

Many eye infections clear up on their own. Sometimes, though, if left unchecked, could cause serious problems. You shouldn’t leave it up to chance. Seeing an eye doctor is the smartest route.