Your refractive surgery at Clarity Laser Vision might seem simple and effortless, but our staff and surgeon work tirelessly behind the scene to provide the safest environment and procedure for your eyes. From our fully accredited facility to our advanced refractive surgery procedures and techniques, you will feel very comfortable and reassured all along the way.


Advancements in corrective eye surgery have made it one of the most dependable procedures available. LASIK/SBK is known for its remarkable safety record, and TSA/PRK is proving to be as equally safe. Because we have both technologies readily available to us, we carefully select the right technology for the right individual.

Like most invasive surgeries, intraocular surgery comes with the risk of some complications. However, in the hands of a surgeon well-versed in intraocular surgery like Dr. Al-Ghoul, Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) and Phakic IOL surgery are reliable and safe alternatives to laser eye surgery.

With our wide array of diagnostic tests, state of the art surgical facility, and various treatment options, you’ll be sure to get the procedure that is safest and most effective for your eyes.


Clarity Laser Vision offers TSA, aka Transepithelial PRK, a type of surgery that removes all physical contact with the eye, resulting in a faster treatment, lower risks of complications, and a faster recovery. We also offer the Femto SBK, a technique of flap creation for blade-free LASIK that leads to stronger corneal structure, stronger flap adherence, and more reliable results for patients with higher levels of refractive error than what standard LASIK is like. Both of these procedures have been clinically proven to provide a safer and more predictable outcome for patients than traditional laser correction techniques. For patients who are candidates for either Phakic IOL or Refractive Lens Exchange, we follow the highest standards in performing these delicate intraocular procedures to ensure the best possible outcomes.


Your experience with Clarity Laser Vision doesn’t just end with the procedure; we will dutifully monitor your recovery to make sure your eyes are healing and recovering in the safest way possible. Dr. Al-Ghoul and his staff with explain in detail all the instructions for your aftercare so that you can be informed on how to best protect your eyes.


We are proud to have a state of the art surgical facility that is fully certified and accredited to high standards to ensure that our patients are being treated in the cleanest and safest way possible. The actual laser procedure happens very quickly, and afterward, Dr. Al-Ghoul will personally walk you back to the recovery room to make sure you’re in a good condition and feeling well. Dr. Al-Ghoul and his coordinator will then carefully go over all the aftercare instructions in detail, and then provide you with a direct line to reach him in case of any questions or concerns about your recovery. Our patients will be given Dr. Al-Ghoul’s mobile phone number so they can contact him at any time during their initial recovery from surgery. Nevertheless, about 3-5 hours after every single procedure, Dr. Al-Ghoul will still call you to make sure you are doing okay.

Feel at peace and secure during your LASIK or PRK surgery day at Clarity Laser Vision. Contact Clarity Laser Vision now for a consultation.